Not Avalible for Gluten Free

Vegetarian / Vegan Option

Gluten Free Option

Grilled Dumpling                  9.5
Grilled dumpling stuffed with ground chicken​


Crispy Tofu  Delight             7.5
Crispy Tofu served with sweet & sour sauce and peanuts.

Cheese Puff                          8 

Crispy wontons stuffed with cream cheese, crab meat, and carrots.

Crispy Spring Rolls              7.5
Fried spring rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrots  and vermicelli Served with sweet & sour sauce.

Garlic Wings                        9.5
Chicken wings marinated in garlic sauce with broccoli & carrots .


Dynamite Wings                 9.5
Chicken wings marinated in spicy Thai style garlic sauce and crispy basil.

Lettuce Wrap                    11 

Minced Chicken wok seared with Shitake mushroom, water chestnuts & green onions in a soy ginger sauce.  Served with  lettuce and crispy wonton.  

Satay                                 10
Choice of  Chicken , Beef or Tofu
skewered, marinated in coconut milk served with Thai peanut sauce            

and cucumber salad on the side.

Shrimp’s Nest   Sold Out               9 

Shrimp wrapped with crispy egg noodles served with sweet & sour sauce.

Calamari Delight           10
Crispy Calamari served with sweet & sour sauce.

Shrimp Wrapper           10
Marinated shrimp wrapped in spring roll skin served with sweet & sour sauce.  

The Platter                  13
Chicken satay (2) Spring rolls (2) Shrimp wrapper (2) and Cheese Puffs (4).

Dumpling Curry        11
Dumpling stuffed with ground chicken and vegetables in green curry sauce with peas and carrots. 


Spicy Wonton          10 

Homemade dumpling loaded with ground chicken, shrimp, cabbage, shiitake mushroom and water chestnut  in sweet soy sauce.   


Exotic Eggplant           12
Grilled eggplant, shrimp, onion, and bell pepper topped with a tasty lime sauce.

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