Mango & Sweet Sticky Rice   10  (seasonal)   

Sweet mango served with both black & white rice Topped with  coconut cream and sesame seeds.
Chocolate Lava  7     - Sold Out                                               

with Vanila Ice Cream   
Mini chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream.

Tiramisu   7                                                                  
Tiramisu flavored coffee cake with rum and espresso, garnished and whip cream.

Fried Banana With Ice Cream   7     - Sold Out                                  
Fried bananas wrapped with toasted coconut
shavings served with a choice of ice cream.

Coconut Ice Cream     7        - Sold Out                                              
Topped with sweet coconut shavings and roasted 

Banana Wrap   6

Banana with coconut milk, Sesame. Wrap with egg roll skin served with caramel sauce