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Mango & Sweet Sticky Rice   12  (Only White Rice now) 

Sweet mango served with both black & white rice Topped with  coconut cream and sesame seeds.







Tiramisu   7                                                                  
Tiramisu flavored coffee cake with rum and espresso, garnished and whip cream.


Banana Wrap   6

Banana with coconut milk, Sesame. Wrap with egg roll skin served with caramel sauce.

Coconut Ice Cream   6.95

Refreshing coconut sorbet served in natural coconut shell.

Mango Sorbet           6.95

Refreshing mango sorbet served in natural mango shell.

Matcha Cheese cake    7

Matcha green tea cheesecake topped with caramel.

Chocolate Love          7

Chocolate gelato with a heart of raspberry sorbet covered with cocoa powder.

coconut sorbet.jpg
Mango sorbet.jpg
Matcha cheese cake.jpg
Chocolate Love.jpg
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