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Gluten Free

We offer Gluten Free DISHES


We can prepare many dishes for Gluten free

 from regular menu excepted some items we cannot.


Please Let server know when you order for Dine In or on telephone order


When you order from order we have style for prepare option for you

Noodle option :    -  Thin Noodle (Pad Thai Noodle) Make from Rice.

                               -  Flat Noodle make from Jasmine Rice.         

Sauce  option :    We use gluten Free soy sauce.


Protein option :      Chicken, Beef, Pork                                                                 

                                  Veggies, Soft Tofu, Fried Tofu                                                



                                  (Mock Chicken or Mock Duck Not Available)                                                                           (because We make from wheat)

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