Gluten Free option :    -  Thin Noodle (Pad Thai Noodle) Make from Rice.


Vegetarian options :      Mixed Veggies, Soft Tofu, Fried Tofu   

                                          Mock Chicken or Mock Duck                                                 

Tom Yum Noodles                                 13

Rice Noodles with shrimps, ground chicken, bean sprouts, green onion , and chili paste in our house broth, flavored with lime juice & crushed peanuts.


Thai Boat Noodles (Beef Or Pork)       13 
Rice noodle in Thai style soup served with meat balls, Beansprouts, and green onions.


Chicken Noodles Soup                       12.5
Rice noodle soup served with bean sprouts and green onions.


BBQ Pork Noodles                               14
Egg noodles soup with BBQ pork, beansprouts & green onions in our house broth.


Khoa Soi (Yellow Curry Noodles)         14    
Egg noodles are served in a curry broth together with chicken and topped with crispy fried noodles and crispy scallions.


Roasted Duck Noodles Soup             20
Rice noodle in Thai style soup served with Roasted Boneless Duck Breast, baby bok choy,bean sprouts and green onions.


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