House salad               9

With Chicken or Boiled Egg        
Green salad, spring mixed salad, onion, celery, carrots, sweet corn, cucumber, and tomatoes
Choice of house or peanut dressing.


Papaya Pok Pok        10
Cherry tomatoes, Thai Chili, green beans, roasted peanuts, and grilled shrimp mixed in spicy lime juice and fish sauce.


Larb Chicken         12
Minced chicken seasoned with exotic herbs, mint leaves, red onion, ground roasted chili, roasted rice powder, and fish sauce.


Thai Beef Salad       14
Top sirloin with onions, tomatoes, cucumber & basil tossed in a chili paste and spicy lime juicy dressing and fish sauce.


Glass Noodle Salad      13
Glass Noodle , ground chicken, shrimp, shitake mushroom , onions and cilantro tossed in spicy  lime dressing. 


Crispy Calamari Salad           14
Crispy calamari, onions and cilantro tossed with house sesame dressing on mixed green salad topped with crispy wontons.


Seafood Salad       16
Shrimp, scallops, green mussels  & squid with onions, chili, topped with fresh garlic and lime juice dressing.


Grilled Squid Salad      13 
Grilled squids mixed with spring mixed, cucumber and tomatoes in spicy lime sauce 


Buddha Salad         13  

Grilled chicken satay mixed with green salad, cucumber, onion, and grounded peanut in Thai style spicy sweet & sour dressing.


Pla Goong Salad        16 

Grilled shrimp, tomatoes, onions, mint leaves, basil, and lemon grass with chili paste lime dressing.

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Not Avalible for Gluten Free

Vegetarian / Vegan Option